Pope Benedict XVI

"Beauty... is not mere decoration, but rather an essential element of the liturgical action, since it is an attribute of God Himself and His revelation."
(Pope Benedict XVI, Sacramentum Caritatis, 35)

22 February 2010

26th of February - Ember Friday - Stations of the Cross and Mass at 5pm!

Fri 26 EMBER DAY (2 Cl V) Station at the Church of the Twelve Apostles.
Pl Ind, No Gl, No Cr, Pr of Lent, Prayer over the People.
5pm - Stations of the Cross followed by Mass at St. Patrick's Church, College Rd., Kilkenny.
Celebrant: Rev. Thomas O'Toole CC.
A reminder that on any Friday in Lent or Passiontide a Plenary Indulgence may be gained, by reciting the prayer En ego in front of an image of OLJC Crucified, having fulfilled all the usual requirements.
This week Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are Ember Days. Traditionally these are days of fast and abstinence. While no longer binding under Church law it is a laudable practice to be encouraged and part of our patrimony as Catholics.

For me insight into Lenten Ember customs and its ancient associations click here!

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